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Printed LabelsPrinted clothing labels are available in natural fibers like Cotton. Perfect for ECO friendly garments. Satin and Nylon printed labels are also very affordable and quick to produce and very durable.
Care LabelsCare labels allow proper care of the garment ensuring your customer will enjoy the garment for a very long time. Its important to provide the correct care instructions. Its always best to check with your fabric supplier for the correct care instruction.
Woven LabelsWoven labels considered to be the best labels for clothing as they will last the life of the garment.
BadgesWoven badges are a perfect way to add value to a product. Clothes including Blazers, T-Shirts and even bags will have added value when the right badge is added.
Synthetic Leather PatchesPerfect for jeans and other products. These badges can be printed, embossed or die cut to your unique design and brand requirments
Swing TagsSwing tag or Price tags are perfect to attract your customers to your garment while its on the display. They can be made in any colour, size or shape. Made from Paper but also available in other materials.
Adhesive Labels/StickersWarning stickers, Do Not Iron Stickers, Barcode stickers, Hygiene Stickers. Stickers are used to attract attention to your garment while on display, they are also another way of informing your customer further with details about the garment
Hanging TapePrinted hanging tape with your LOGO. In a variety of colours and sizes made to order. You can purchase as little as 100m
Bar-coding & Over PrintingBarcodes on sticker or ticket format, overprinting on swing tags.
Personal Name TagsPersonal name tags, identify your cloths, ID tags for clothing, available in woven or printed labels. Name and Contact details on the labels, making it easy to identify your clothes. Woven name tags will last the life of the garment
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Swing Tag Order

Swing Tag Order
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Branding is the MOST IMPORTANT part of your business, and WOVEN labels are one of the best options for promoting your brand on clothing and other items like shoes and cushions. You should look at this as part of your ADVERTISING COST not a production cost.

You can quickly order your woven brand labels below.  There are 2 ordering options designed to both help people who need help, and allow others who have done this before to efficiently order and proceed with their day. As always our 100% Money Back GURANTEE applies to these goods when proper proceedure is followed.

Ordering online means you can order at your convieniance 24/7.

The 2 order options to select from are:
1. Economy order: Ideal for people who have ready artwork and/or have made woven labels before.
2. Hold Your Hand order: For people who need help with artwork advise etc...  Includes multiple samples and adjustments.

We reserve the right to adjust the price or not accept an order once we have all the information.  There will be 100% REFUND if this happens. 

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